Matt Damon admits relying on Ben Affleck after embracing fame: ‘it was really helpful’

Matt Damon dive into his bond with Ben Affleck and how the performer relied upon Affleck for late years directly following embracing reputation.

Damon, who is starring alongside his long-term partner in the upcoming film Air, talked about relying on Affleck in the most recent issue of Peoples about how they became different twenty years ago after the outcome of their 1997 show Kindness Hunting.

Damon, 52, told the source that his life would be “unfathomably harder” without Affleck, 50, who is also serving as his cowriter in the movie, describing their relationship as “everything to me.”

“I’ve found it really helpful to check in with Ben throughout this entire dreamlike cycle over the past few years. Damon stated, “I think the shock of becoming well-known is so… In the end, that wrecked me for several years.”

He continued, “because the entire world simply begins to treat you differently.” As a result, your emotional state changes. It looks like someone changes your code in the Network, but your code is unchanged.”

“It’s like saying, “Gracious, my entire experience has been altered in this truly overwhelming way.” So it’s nice to be able to ask someone I’ve known for what seems like forever, “Hello man, is this occurrence to you?” Are you…? It was extremely helpful to check in with him. “Evening out,” he continued.

“Having Matt has meant everything,” said the Entrancing entertainer Affleck, “It’s not just Matt.” Affleck, who is also the spouse of the well-known vocalist Jennifer Lopez, agreed that they have a wonderful relationship. I greatly adore and revere Matt’s father.”

He recently passed away. In addition, his sibling, mother, and stepfather. His children, who recently attended the premiere and caused me to start crying uncontrollably because they are so adorable, mature, and amazing. In that way, you become a part of yourself for what seems like forever. He went on to say, “It’s been a huge gift.”

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